17 Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special’

Date : Mercredi 10 septembre 2014
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17 Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special'

Cover to DHP Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special by Frank Miller|

It’s the greatest single-issue blow-out of all time! Dark Horse Comics cordially invites you to a 112-page birthday bash celebrating this critically-acclaimed title’s fifth anniversary and presenting brand new stories written and illustrated by many of the absolute top talents in the comics industry. get ready for some exciting, all-new tales, including Give Me Liberty written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Dave Gibbons; The American by Mark Verheiden, Dougie Braithwaite and Robert Campanella; Aliens by John (Terminator) Arcudi and Simon (Lobo) Bisley; Black Cross by Chris Warner; Concrete by Paul Chadwick; The Aerialist by Matt Wagner; and a special adaptation of an Andrew (Hard Candy, Blue Belle) Vacchs story by Jerry (Exquisite Corpse) Prosser and Klaus (Dark Knight, Daredevil) Janson. Also in this deluxe-format, perfect-bound book will be an epilogue to the Aliens vs. Predator series by Randy Stradley and Phill Norwood, as well as a new solo story by Frank Miller, and lots more! Every present needs some gift wrap, so we got Frank Miller and Lynn Varley to wrap it up for us with cover artwork depicting many of the characters found inside!|Covers|dfsd